Friday, March 1, 2019

Once In A Lifetime Quail Hunting Lease Opportunity in the Rolling Plains of Texas.

Once In A Lifetime Quail Hunting Lease Opportunity in the Rolling Plains of Texas.

18,000 acres of prime quail hunting habitat. Comes with rustic ranch house lodging. Being offered for the first time in years to no more than 3 hunters/lessees. 

This is an exclusive and rare offering on several levels:

-For a quail hunting lease it is expensive on an out-of-pocket basis ($12,000 per lessee per hunting season), but is very cheap on a “cost per acre” and “number of hunters per acre” basis. I’ve leased this ranch for just $2 per acre when the going rate for property like this (if you can find it) with lodging, is more like $4 to $6 per acre. The reason it’s expensive on an out-of-pocket basis is that we are limiting this opportunity to 3 hunters while most ranches with 18,000 are leasing to a dozen or more lessees. All and all, our approach should lead to exemplary hunting for lessees and their guests, assuming that the Rolling Plains gets the moisture levels that NOAA is predicting this year.  

-I’m not marking up the price to sub-leases and they will be covering just my costs. I’m not looking to make a profit. Just looking to have an exceptional hunting lease with three exceptional hunters. 
-I am a retired hunting, fishing, and equine magazine and book publisher who has hunted birds all over the nation. I’ve spent countless hours and dollars over a three year period trying to find a ranch to lease of this quaility. I considered and rejected more than a dozen other leases during this time. This is the only ranch I saw that met my criteria - a ranch with a hunting habitat that promises to be the best quality ranch I’ve ever hunted or will likely hunt in the future.

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